Mentors are important for attorneys in any stage of their career- and for newly admitted attorneys and student members, they are even more so.  The CDWBA e-Mentorship Program will be focused on creating professional relationships with CDWBA attorneys who can provide guidance, insight and career advice for all CDWBA attorneys interested in the program, especially newly admitted attorneys and law student members.  The purpose of a bar association like CDWBA is to promote the advancement of women who are involved in or affected by the legal profession.  That starts with promoting advancement in our own network of membership by sharing our experiences, highlighting our career paths and providing guidance and advice to newly admitted attorneys entering the legal profession.  

The program is intended to connect law students with the attorneys practicing law in their community and bridge the gap between law school and practicing law by connecting with each other. Mentorships usually occur organically throughout one’s professional career and are especially helpful for providing support, encouragement and direction throughout an attorney’s career.  The CDWBA e-Mentorship Program is intended to complement that process, by matching newly admitted attorneys or law students with other CDWBA members who have experience practicing law in the community.  We hope that you will find this program rewarding!

This program is now open for Fall/Winter 2020 and accepting mentors and mentees. To join or for more information, please email