The Capital District Chapter of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York is an organization of approximately 300 members that has grown steadily over the past 30 years. What began as an informal structure (there were no presidents) became an association when the group was approached by the New York Women’s Bar Association, an organization that had existed in New York City for several decades. This association already had one chapter, the Westchester County Women’s Bar Association, and they actively sought to include the Northeastern New York Women Lawyers Association as their second chapter. From this network grew a statewide bar association, The Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York, with Albany as one of the five founding chapters.

The Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York now has 17 chapters and more than 3500 members from Suffolk County to Buffalo. It is a statewide network of women attorneys that maintains a host of active committees including legislative, matrimonial practice, criminal law, gender bias, real property, and tax law. The state Association has been visible on the federal level as amicus in Supreme Court cases, and in national networking with other state women’s bar associations. The building has begun – we are all a part of it.



President:  Madalyn R. DeThomasis, Esq.

President Elect: Kasey Hildonen, Esq.

1st Vice President:   Andreanna Diliberto, Esq.

2nd Vice President:  Katelyn Primomo-Millwood, Esq.


Recording Secretary:  Sean Morton, Esq.

Corresponding Secretary:  Mackenzie Plaske, Esq.

Treasurer:  Megan B. Van Aken, Esq.

Administator Director: N/A


1978-1980 Jane Williams

1980-1981 Anne Mead

1981-1982 Thea Hoeth

1982-1983 Hon. Victoria Graffeo

1983-1984 Madonna Stahl

1984-1985 Nancy Jones

1985-1986 Mary Bisantz

1986-1987 Ingrid Hansen

1987-1988 Ilene Bergman

1988-1989 Anita Thayer


1989-1990 Roberta Moseley Nero

1990-1991 Cheryl A. Mungo

1991-1992 Hon. Rachel Kretser

1992-1993 Lois Goland

1993-1994 Hon. Leslie E. Stein

1994-1995 Joan Leary Matthews

1995-1996 Gloria Arroyo Copland

1996-1997 Anne Reynolds Copps

1997-1998 Anne F. Curtin

1998-1999 Meredith Savitt



1999-2000 Margaret C. Tabak

2000-2001 Jo M. Katz

2001-2002 Janet Kaplan

2002-2003 Diane Davis

2003-2004 Jill A. Dunn

2004-2005 Cynthia A. Platt

2005-2006 Margaret Surowka Rossi

2006-2007 Eileen M. Stack

2007-2008 Linda Clark

2008-2009 Michelle Haskin


2009-2010 Susan Taylor

2010-2011 Joann Sternheimer

2011-2012 Susanne H. Dolin

2012-2013 Cara J. Brousseau

2013-2014 Jennifer Corona

2014-2015 April M. Dalbec

2015-2016 Linda B. Johnson

2016-2017 Rebekah Nellis Kennedy

2017-2018 Dana L. Salazar

2018-2019 Ricja Rice-Ghyll

2019-2020 Leyla A. Kiosse, Esq. 


Upcoming Events

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